I love Hella. My band has done covers of them.
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I did used to enjoy Hella but find the style a bit stale these days. Still think they're impressive musicians - for some reason I remember there being a video of the drummer swapping kits midway through a track - just don't listen to them very often anymore.
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i can only listen to them sometimes, but when i do Church Gone Wild/Chirpin' Hard always hits the spot.
When I listen to Hella, all I can think about is how much I'd rather be listening to Lightning Bolt.

But their guitarist plays drums in the Advantage, and thats fun. I've seen the Advantage twice now (and Hella only once). A good live show all the same. I only wish I could have seen them as a two piece.
Hella is hella awesome!

I uploaded a complete tab for 1800-GHOST-DANCE a few hours ago. It will hopefully be up on this website very soon. It would be cool if you commented the song and suggested any corrections or something.