That's the guitar I'm looking at getting. I've played the Jackson RR24 and liked it other than the painted neck, so I'll probably be looking at getting the neck shaved.

But I was just wondering how the quality of Jackson Stars compares to other guitars in the price range...compared to the RR24?
I heard the build quality compares to an USA Jackson, except they might use less expensive materials. They are better than import jacksons (including RR24). Jackson stars are basically Japanese custom shop Jacksons, at a fraction of USA custom shop guitars. I'm thinking of getting one built myself.
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Getting one built? Like custom-made?

Yes you can order a custom Jackson Star, and they cost about $1500 depending on the options.
it's pretty common to see one of these used here in japan. if one thing coming to japan has taught me when it comes to guitars it's that 'MADE IN JAPAN' is one of the most important factors to consider when looking to buy one. those three simple words take away all hesitation for me.
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That's what I'm wondering. And does www.guitarjapan.com ship to US?

I'm pretty sure that they do.

As far as how good they are, I've ran into a lot of people at Jackson sites who love their Jackson Stars. 99% of the people I've asked about their Jackson Stars have said this though. USA Jackson > Jackson Professional > Jackson Stars.

And thank you for resurrecting my love for 24 Fret Rhaods models...God dammit...I might have to buy one now too. After all the other stuff I'm getting first though...Lol.

EDIT: Just checked the site. Yes, they do ship to the US. They ship world wide, btw. The shipping cost for an electric guitar is $150 though...I dunno if I'll be buying one this year...
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It's different for other countries. US is $150. I think Canada was about $170. Check the site, it has the prices on there.
I actually think Jackson Stars closed down their custom shop, though it's supposed to reopen soon...I wanna get a 7 string Kelly custom myself...
How much would a USA Jackson custom shop be normally. If these are only about $1500 then that's a great deal. Does anyone know if Jackson or ESP makes better custom guitars? I know that ESP is really expensive, but probably worth it.

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