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So I really have fallen in love with fingerstyle. My current guitar is not meant for that though; it enjoys hard strumming and booming bass more. Of the following guitars, which would you most strongly recommend considering that I have a limited budget, but that I'd like to grow up with this guitar (I'm a junior in high school)?

Taylor 514ce
Taylor 714ce
Taylor GS7 (Cedar/Rosewood combo)

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to add them! Thanks so much!

Oh and if you could give a reason why you picked one guitar over the other, it'd be much appreciated.
I have a GS in spruce and maple and I love it. The nut width is great for finger style and the improved lower end thanks to the GS shape really balance it out. I played a bunch of the different wood combos after I already had mine, and the only one I personally did not care for was the cedar/rosewood combo. It handled finger style nicely, but I felt it fell apart during heavy strumming. If you're not going to play that kind of music on it, no worries, you'll like the cedar/rosewood, but I tend to play all kinds of stuff, and the spruce top really provides a more versatile platform.
have you played a gc short scale awsome fingerpicking guitar not on your poll so sorry if i am talking out of term. And if i was seroius about buying a guitar in this price range i would deffinitly play it with the strings i prefer (insert your favorite here) unless its elixers wich should be on it from factory.