There is only one word that describes this band.


Great music. Awesome musicians
Hate vocals though lol
Wow. This is really ****ing good. Vocals aren't anything I can't get over.

I'm a stupid jackass.
I really liked it, but of course it's not perfect. The clean bits were obviously better.

And I've yet to hear a female harsh vocalist that I really love, or even like that much.
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Bumping this because not enough people know them yet.

Both of their albums are on metalarea. Get them.
i love the weird vocals the female does, the screaming is way too -core for me, never really payed much attention to the music itself... over all this band is a big meh fest, i wish i could have those weird vocals in better context

i'm ****in' surprised anyone else knows about them
This band is pretty interesting sounding.

Some of the most unique stuff I've heard since my friend showed me Lykathea Aflame.
I do agree with the harsh vocals sounding fugly, but I can easily get over that. I LOVE the piano usage though.
Oh shit, this is pretty fucking neat.

I don't even mind the harsh vocals.

Nice find man.

EDIT: Just discovered that their drummer is also the drummer for Sigh. Noice.
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