Tomorrow, I'm going to the beach and am planning to bring my guitar.

However, I was worrying about keeping my guitar safe. Obviously keep sand out of the sound hole *eye roll* but I'm planning on leaving it in the car until later that day.

It's gonna be in a nice hard case (it's a taylor DN3 if youre wondering) and it'll probably stay in the back of the car's trunk.

Should I be worried about keeping the guitar in there all day?
if its in the case it should be fine.
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humidity and water and things like that would mess up your guitar but if the weathers nice i dont see the problem. make sure it doesnt get stolen out of the car tho.
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yeah, im just worried about it being to hot for the guitar being in the case.

Thanks for the replies everybody
In the car's trunk all day? That could definitely be a problem if the weather is hot (and im guessing it will be since you're going to the beach). Excessive heat makes glue joins soft and can definitely damage your guitar.
well, today's temperatures are high 61 and low 41.

Pretty sure heat is not a problem, right? I guess I'm just worried about the humidity in the car?
well the tempature in the trunk will be far hotter than the ambient tempature of the outside air depending on color of car finish ands whether its in the shade blah blah blah.
however the sand will be the killer i would think it will definitly scracth the finish i know when i go to the beac( Va Beach Va) the sand gets every where and i would definitly take care to make sure it isnt on your arm and or legs where the guitar rests during strumming.

the humidity could be a factor but if you guitar is at the right humidity i beleive it will take far longer to "drink" and absorb an adaquate amount of water to damage your guitar.
A week or so yes a day i dont see it happening, heat, sand, and theft would be your major worries how does the dn3 play i am a huge fan of sapele and sitka and have only played one at guitar center and it had elixers on it blah i hate em the strings that is.
+1^ a cheap all laminate does have the distinction of being a tank ie almost indistructable.
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+1^ a cheap all laminate does have the distinction of being a tank ie almost indistructable.

Yeah my first guitar was a laminate bodied guitar, I banged it into walls accidentally and its been through hell but it still looks brand new, they are very tough.