so tonight i went up to get a kill switch, for whatever reason, could have been the whole comfusion of buying one, could have been the out of place hot girl in an electronics store, i dont know, but i bought a spdt (on)-off-(on), and it cant work as a killswitch. so do you have any idea what i could possibly use it for?
i have no idea but i can give u a cheaper way of having a killswitch, bit it only works if u have a three toaggle guitar switch LP style with a volume knob for each pickup

1 turn off neck volume
2 turn bridge volume up to a high lvl
3 set the selecto to the middle position
4 (now if ur selector springs it will be easier to do this) tap or flick the switch from the middle position to bridge position to create a killswitch effect

thats a cheap way of doing it and if u dont get used to it then go buy a killswitch
no i know how to do a kill switch, i just got the wrong switch, and i've done the 3 toggle guitar thing with my tele deluxe, but i use it with both pickups, so i dont want to mess with my knobs. plus that guitar has a kill switch in it. in more looking for something to do with this thing. this killswitch was to replace the one i took out of my strat knock off. (i took it off to make a sustain switch for my keyboard.)