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MrPillow - [url]http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/MrPillow/[/url]
4 27%
Scotdizzle - [url]http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Scotdizzle/[/url]
0 0%
big crouton - [url]http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/big+crouton/[/url]
8 53%
Kramer 1309 - [url]http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Kramer1309/[/url]
0 0%
randomthought9 - [url]http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/randomthought9/[/url]
1 7%
moody07747 - [url]http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/moody07747/[/url]
2 13%
Voters: 15.
So I'm tired of waiting. There are 12 contestants and too much beauracratic BS for me to take. There will be 2 votes because there are too many entries for one single vote. Constructive feedback is welcome and greatly encouraged. The top 2 mixes from each vote will be thrown into a final 4-way vote to declare the final winner.

Contestants who participated in this competition are allowed to vote, but may not vote for their own mix.

and please visit VOTE #2 HERE
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Scotdizzle - your drums seem a little out of balance with them selves, perhaps a tad less overhead and more kick, a better EQ on the snare. Interesting, nice FX on the guitar, but the guitar seems to staticly right in the center of the stereo field. The FX gets a little tiring after awhile. The solo gets drowned out because of the FX and volume of the other guitars. Overall very nice. Could use a tad of overall EQ work and part EQ, but good job.

Big Crouton - Nice drum sound, excellent fade in on the guitar. Not sure what FX is going on in the left guitar, but it's slightly distracting. The guitars sound alright EQ wise, but I'd say the main selling point to your mix is the bass level and the drum's balance within the set. Overall a tad mid-ish sounding, and slightly muddy in the lower mid areas. The big flubbish sound at the very end is kind of a let down, especially since I know that last drum hit is coming and you fade it out. If I didn't haev the tracks myself I probably wouldn't have noticed.

Kramer - your guitars are waayyyyy out of the mix. especially the lead in the right speaker. The drums sound alright, the kick has an odd EQ in the upper mid area that makes it sound like you're hitting a pillow. What's with the harmonys on the right guitar? Did I completely miss something in my tracks or is that post? The solo guitar needs a little EQ work to fit the context. I hear another weird harmony thing that wasn't in my tracks as far as I know. Did you add more guitar tracks? Nice ending. Overall decent.

Random - good sounding drums. Bass seems a tad quiet, as do guitars. needs some work in the stereo field, getting muddy at about 2 'o clock to use that reference. The solo delay gets a little facetious at times, and the EQ needs some work. Good use of the solo tone though. Good job.

Moody - your track seems very quiet. Not bad, just a thought. Overall good balance. Bass sits better than others in the mix. Guitars could use a little more EQ to my ears. The solo sounds too distant in the context of the mix, a tad too much 'verb. Overall nice balance, just a bit muddy at times.

All that said, I have to give my vote to Big Crouton. Very nice job all around, but his takes the cake.
Yeah, the Harmonies are post. I shifted the pitch of each note individually.
So, the guitars are out of the mix - how do i bring them back in? Reduce their volume?
And what eq would you suggest to get the solo to fit the context?

Ps: MrPillow thinks my bass drum sounds like a pillow lol (no offense)
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I'll have a good listen to these later.

Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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Here are my thoughts, I’m not much of “sensitive ear”, so I can only make general kinda comments.

MrPillow - Drums seemed a little tinny, and the reverb could be distracting. I couldn’t hear the clear pulse of the bass and snare as much as I would have liked too. However they did give the mix a good sense of space. The guitars sounded good but one guitar seemed missing at the beginning bar of the chorus. I don't know what that was.

Scotdizzle - drums weren’t so great, sounded a little dry and the overheads must have been turned up so I could really here those glitches. The chorus type effect was a nice touch. Bass seems to sit nicely just under the guitars. I think you shouldn't have gone with the distorted version of the solo, you didn't handle it well. Maybe should have used the cleaner sounding ones.

Big Crouton - Straight off big strong drum sound, great kick but I thought the snare could be a little crisper. The guitars were mixed well too, they never sounded crowded like in some other mixes. The reverb on the solo was good as well. What lets this track down for me is the bass sound, it’s got too much "growl" and you keep hearing "surface" into the midrange during the chorus which is distracting.

Kramer – you took quite a bold step separating the lead guitar and putting it that much forward in the mix and it almost worked but not quite. The pitch shifting for harmonies showed innovation.

Randomguy – Big sounding drums, a little much too high freq for me though. The cymbals were way too loud, especially in the chorus, but maybe this is partially because the guitars are too far back in the mix. The delay on the solo didn’t really work.

Moody – The track was a little quiet, I guess you could have raised the volume a bit. The levels are good but the whole track seems a little subdued to me. It’s also a little muddy. The solo sounded good.

Overall my vote goes to Big Crouton, for the drum sound, the guitars gelled perfactly without crowding, and it just sounded the best.
Mine one goes to Big Crouton.
The drums sound nice and tight, the bass is really good, especially the little boominess coming out of it which i mentioned in a comment on the track. The guitars are in the right place and blend well into eachother. The track is loud and firm.
Overall it stands out the most from all the other tracks.

I'll crit others sometime later.
MrPillow - The tones sounded good to my ear and volume was up to standards. I did find the guitars overpowered the drums at times and the reverb on the drums was a little too heavy for my taste. You and one other member did catch the ending as I heard it fade instead of cut out. Good job.

Scotdizzle - Volume was a little slow and the track sounded a little muddy. Some EQ work and compression would help out some. I would also have liked a little more punch from the kick. Lots of FX were used with the guitar (phaser mostly) and they are good but I feel chance is also good, try different FX at different parts of the song. The guitar solo seemed to break up at times..not sure if it was clipping or something but it didnt sound right to my ear.

big crouton - Nice kick sound and interesting opening of the guitar track. Great mix and tone. One of the better ones I've heard so far. Also very interesting ending with that whole "thunder" effect.

Kramer1309 - Interesting harmony parts and great mix, great tones as well. The solo guitar sounded like it was running though a tiny cab speaker which I didn't like much and I thought the harmony parts were distracting during the solo.

randomthought9 - Heavy on the reverb as well which is mostly noticeable on the drum track. I do like the snare sound but I feel the drums are overpowering the guitars and the cymbals seem a little too high in volume. Volume seemed fine for the overall track but I didn't like the solo tone too much, just too muddy for my taste.

Moody07747 - Yea my track was done very quickly, mostly I just mixed the levels and did nothing else as I didnt have much time but if we do this again I'll be sure to spend more time on the track, everyone see my blog for a link to the same track I reworked in Reaper over the 30 day ban I had. I think it came out much better.

(reviews/comments continued in 2nd poll)
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The reverb on the drums wasn't intentionally that heavy. It was supposed to be very wet on the first note, fade out through the intro, then be gone through the song, and fade back in for the last drum hit.

Only too late did I forget to check the "bus automation" box in Sonar while exporting =P
Mr Pillow - Obviously there was the reverb issue, which you already said was a simple error. Aside from that, I liked the general levels, but I thought that the bass and drums were lacking in 'meatiness' and the cymbals were a little annoying in places, but that could be due to the reverb. Good overall though, liked the harmonies on the solo.

Scotdizzle - The track was noticeable low in volume. I liked the effect used on the guitar at first, although I felt it got too much after a while. I think it might have been better if you just used it in some places. I thought the guitar solo was a little incoherent in places too. Sorry.

Big Crouton
- I liked the mix in general, good levels etc. Drum sound was good, particularly in the solo section, and I liked the way the last hit faded out.

Kramer1309 - I liked the guitar tone in the chorus section and doubled up guitars for the leads was a nice touch, but I'm not sure whether you quite pulled it off. The drums were too tinny for my taste and were overpowered by the guitar.

- I liked the power of the drums in your mix, although I thought that the cymbals could have done with some more EQ'ing perhaps, and maybe be turned down a little. I liked what you did to make the solo original, but it seemed like it maybe clipped a little in some parts.

moody07747 - The guitar was a little muffled sounding for my taste but I liked the solo tone more. The general mix was good, with good levels etc, but a little quiet, although you did say you didn't have time to spend long on it.

My vote on this goes to Big Crouton.
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Thanks for all the positive feedback and the criticisms guys. I've been in cuba for the past week, but I'm back now, and I'll try to get around to listening to and reviewing the mixes in the next couple days.