I have a burning question that no-one seems to know the answer to...

heres my situation.
I found a deal on a LTD kh-202 neck for 40 bucks and I had some alder laying around so i decided to build my own guitar.

I already own a kh-602 btw, and really like the neck on that one..

So back to my plans.. I decided to go with a TOM bridge and I am wondering if this can work... fitting a T-O-M with a locking, floyd-rose type nut! What do you think???

thanks a lot
Sorry I'm not much of an expert but I don't see how the neck would affect the bridge. Is the neck build differently for a floating bridge?
Without fine tuners on the bridge you would either need to leave the locking part off the nut or loosen them each time you needed to tune. And as they like to change the tuning a little when clamped down would be really hard to keep in tune. Probably not a good mix. You can look around I know tony iommis guitar has a wrap around bridge with fine tuners, dont know where he got it. And the other day saw a FR designed fix bridge with fine tuners it was on one of the UG threads.
well thanks for the feedback tackleberry, but my plan is to not lock down the nut.

(at least until i make my own neck which will have an earvana nut..)

anyway, what about string height? arent the strings on tom's generally higher than those on a floyd?
if so, is there a way to compensate for this?

thanks again - i'll upload pics as soon a this baby is done
I know FR has a fixed bridge with fine tuners... It's the Speedloader Fixed bridge.
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