Well recently, I got a American Strat SSS, for blues and such, but my friend wants to do some sort of jam session/experimental band thing (kinda hard to explain, and its not really relevant). Now I LOVE my strat. I love the feel, the looks, and the tone with the neck and middle pickups, but I never use the bridge pickup. It's not heavy enough to use for metal or hard rock, yet it sounds too bright for most songs I play. Since this "band" would require a heavier sounding guitar, should I:
a) get a better bridge pickup (it has to be a single coil, I'd never make a HSS out of it)
I was thinking of either the JB jr. or whatever Yngwie uses, which is either the HS 2 or 3
b)Return the strat for an Ibanez, jackson or ESP
c)get a good pedal?

By the way, I'm using a Roland Cube 30x, but I can't afford to get a new amp, so that won't work.

Thanks in advance
Sell the guitar, buy a better amp.
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could get a stacked humbucker that would fit in the single coil slot so no need to modify the body etc if thats what your worried about.
or try rolling the treble right off down to 2 or 3 on the pot. this does it for me and combined with a nice overdrive should help alot.
if you're confident enough to do this thing and dont mind spending a bit of money, then you could change the pickguard to hss, buy a h pickup, and then coil tap it. that way, you could have either sss or hss configuration.

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yer just get a HSS setup thats a good start...or u could either get a hotrail..i would just go HSS