Basically im going to pull the trigger on a Mesa/Boogie F-50 head and i know nothing about cabinets so i've made a list of the ones in the shop that i can get hold of and could you suggest one? Because i will only be using it for home use i would prefer a 2x12 but there were only 2 2x12s there. The choices are:

Marshall 1960 A (or B) 4x12

Fender MH 4x12

Genz Benz ts212bk 2x12

Marshall tslc212 2x12

Please suggest which one i should get!

PS: Im pretty sure im going for the F-50 but i haven't tried the Rect-o-verb or the Stilletto Ace so if anyone feels that one of these amps are notably better than the F-50 please say so! (I'm looking for a simple, fairly versatile amp with both nice cleans as well as high gain, though i mainly play metal i also venture in Jazz-fusion and instrumental rock... Oh and i did NOT like the sound of the gain on the Dual Rectifier Roadster - i way prefer the gain on the F-50)

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