They're gonna be for drop D and 1 step down mostly maybe some C standard. I don't want to have my guitar specifically set up for low tunings so I thought I'd ask here first. Would a 12-52 set be too much? I have 11-48s right now and they fit fine. Should I go for 11-50 instead? These are gonna be ghs boomers by the way.
11-50 is good for most tunings I think, but it's what ever your comfortable with.
I mean I know for a fact the 11-48's I have now wont go to C standard because I tried. I just want to make sure they're playable but I can put them on my guitar without having to set it up. As for what I'm comfortable with, the thicker the better.
Look into some dean markley strings, I find they stay in tune really well even well playing arch enemy and in flames in c standard.
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Yeah the blue steel DT strings are probably right up your alley. Or try some Jazz strings.
Well, I think I've decided on some 11-50s. As for the brand name I guess I'll find out what they have when I get there.