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S520 EX
11 19%
Iceman IC T700
10 17%
RG 1570
34 58%
None of these
4 7%
Voters: 59.
now that i have the budget i want to go for one of these amazing guitars... i played the S and the RG and both were sensational. But in terms of looks i fell in love with ICT700. Now that am soo confused i need you guys to help me choose
If you're on a budget, forget about looks. If the guitar has a fancy design, you're probably paying more for the design than the quality of the guitar. I'd go with an S-Series, those are really good.
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i own the rg1570 and immensely pleased with it despite my whammy bar givin me grief, but theres no denying the awesomeness of the iceman

overall i say iceman better stock pickups + fixed bridge happyness
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yeah i had to choose between the rg and the s, chose the RG, but only because i found it more comfortable to hold, and it was made in japan not korea. They are both awesome
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but teh RG is more expensive than the S... is it worth the extra money?? and does the IC T700 actually play bad ,thats why it got the least votes on the poll
I like that Iceman. the white finish looks phenominal. but for overall play, I would probably send you towards the S-series. those things are generally well recieved by most.

just stay away from Ibanez's edge III floyd and you'll be just fine.
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I have an S470, which is pretty much the HSH version of the S520 EX except without the fancy inlay and annoying finish.

I love the S470, I'm putting about £600 into her (paintjob, custom neck, pickups etc) I love her. She is my number one, however I played an S520, remember, essentially the same guitar, but I hated it. So I'm not sure if the S520 is more shoddily made, or it was just that model. But the S470 is cheaper than the S520 so that's always an option!

Now I picked the RG1570. Because it may be better, HSH, edge zero trem (it may still be the edge pro, also good) your average old workhorse guitar that will take a beating, sound great and last forever, great guitars.

ALso look into used RG550s and 570s. Better colours, original edge trem. Otherwise the same as the 1570, 2570, 2550 etc, but with the original edge trem, locking studs and all, yet are oftenly found cheaper. Take a look in
Thanks Punk Ninja that is really helpfull.. but i have a question, while looking into Ibanez guitars does it matter the where it is made????? becasue you can't find a japanese S ( they are all made in korea ) and the Iceman i found around are all made in Indonesia
No problem, Ibanez is my business

And there ARE Japanese S series, just not quite out, some places are selling them already, but they aren't "Officially" out yet.
There's a place here in England that's already selling them, they're about £800 ($1400).
However Korean made guitars aren't necersarily bad, my S holds up and she's Korean.
And (not that I like him) Herman Li of Dragonforce used to gig with an S470 regularly.

And for a Japanese made Iceman, you can look on ebay for the PGM600 the Paul Stanley model and the guy from White Zombie's sig. i think they were made in Japan.

Oh but a rule is always, with RGs, never go anything BUT Japan (if it has a tremolo). You don't want an Edge III
i got 2 s series the s520 and i have a prestiege s270ex id go with s cus of the zr bridgs kicks the **** outa the rg edge 3 tremelo
The RG1570 has the Edge pro
And theZR and Edge pro are very equal so it's pretty much a matter of, do you prefer HSH, 24 frets and basswood, or HH 22 frets and mahogany.
now that you put it that way i never tried a basswood guitar before. all i have ever played is my frinds S series when he dropped it by for a day or two and ended up with me for 3 months ... any big differences between the two wood types???
Well mahogany has a distinct low end.
Basswood is sort of. . in the middle, it cuts through the mix nicely so if you're planning on shredding it should be awesome

If you can try some basswood guitars out, maybe at a local shop. That may help
i have 1 more question bro... Since u seem o really know allot about Ibanez, do you think the Iceman would be a very good guitar??? Honestly it was my first choice and until now am still in love with the look of the thing. its just so unique. But then again i want a guitar that sounds amazing and that will stand its ground in a gigs (mostly in the far future) that was when friends of mine stared telling me the Iceman is a piece of crap.. Especially that the only ones i can find are made in Indonesia.... what do you think???
I was just playing both the Ibanez RG1570 and S470 which as pointed out before is similiar, and i Thought the 1570 Was Brilliant. Deffinitly recomend it