so i have this fender 15w (ok i noe)
and i have ibanez rg320 ex
i bought a SD-1 and a MD-1 today
i like the sound i get when i chain em together
onli prob is that is produces ****load of feedback
will getting a noise suppresor help alot?
and also any one have exp with the boos ns-2?
might wanan get a better amp

since u got so much money 2 blow on pedals : get a vox valvetronix ad30vt or whatever wattage suits u
The amp fails.
Get a decent amp, and then toss the MD-1.

Use the SD-1 as a boost.
That's all you'll need.
But if you're content with keeping the amp, a noise suppressor will suppress noise, but it will kill the little tone a solid state amp running two boss overdrive pedals may have.

So, I'd honestly just invest in like an Orange or something cheap.

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