Maybe you just think that you are playing good, and then when people hear you, the tell you the truth? Maybe?
thats the samw as me when i hear footsteps behind closed door i suck ass

but i think of titties and groupies and become good again (H)
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So i always play really good in my room by myself but as soon as there's someone else watching or i it record on my computer i suck some serious ass. Any advice guys?

This may seem harsh, but if you suck some serious ass on the recording, you probably suck some serious (or at least; some amount of) ass all the time...
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Maybe you just think that you are playing good, and then when people hear you, the tell you the truth? Maybe?

Its not even that. I know im playing crap in front of other people. They dont need to tell me anything. Its just awful. Its like theres some mental wall that just pops up when people are watching or i hit record. And it doesnt happen when im playign a gig for some reason.
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The best trick in this kind of situation is to practice full songs WITHOUT backing music. A lot of people really jump around and play and think they are the rock star ****. But, take away the rest of the music and ever flaw stands out like a soar thumb.

For recording make sure you use a click beat and just bob your head to the music and it should come to you.
Yeah I had the same when I showed my skills the first time, it wasn't there anymore after a few times of public playing.
yup you just gotta practice wihtout backing tracks... and play in front of people for some time... i have the same problem... but now i have it only if i didn't practice the tune long enough before showing off
Don't feel bad about hitting the record button, man. When we went to record both CD's, as soon as the engineer said "rolling!" it was like uhhhhh...

It's something in your head that says "Okay, now you have to be perfect, so don't mess up." You think so much about NOT messing up and that's exactly what happens. When you hit the record button just look at the guitar, relax and think about what you're playing. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Same with playing in front of people. If you know that skeeves you, put yourself in that position as much as you can...have friends or family watch you as much as possible. Sooner or later you learn to just block them out or better yet you can look at them and smile without screwing up.
You're nervous. You are expecting too much, you can't focus on your playing cause your worrying about what the people are thinking, and how the end track will sound after you recorded it.

If that isn't the case, then I guess you do suck ass

And I used to have that problem, but now I don't, because performing live really helps you get rid of that problem.
I kinda have the same problem too, although it is getting better over time. I just focus all on the guitar not the people I'm playing for.
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You lose your cool and start to panic and therefore you mess up, but when you are recording by yourself that shouldn't be a problem.



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Your probably nervous. Just ignore the other people like they arent even there. Just focus on your playing. Unless you are playing infront of Michael Angelo Batio or John 5 or some crazy awesome guitarist you dont have anything to worry about.
I played my first gig when I had been playing 8 months, and that kind of elimintated my fear of playing infront of people.. It was infront of a crowd of about 250 people.. Was a good laugh, and we didn't sound that bad