Im thinking of buying a b-52 amplifier, I heard it called "the poor mans mesa". I play mostly metal, bands like death,pantera,slayer, ect.. And am looking to get a simiar sound.

I basically need to know wich one(s) to look into.. or if i should go for somthing different.

Thank you
im thinking of getting the b-52 AT-112 combo, or a valveking...

apparently the b-52's are really good for high gain stuff
If you can, go try it (if you haven't already). I'll make this very simple - if your ears like it, and it makes you wanna play like crazy, then buy it. Just be sure to jam on it for a long time before you decide. Let yourself get over the initial thrill of a different amp and once you calm down, listen to it really closely. Tweak all the knobs, try all kinds of settings. If you've played it for a half hour and you don't have any doubts in your mind, then take it. If anything...and I mean anything doesn't ring true to you, leave it and try something else. It doesn't matter what a thousand people tell you...they're not the ones playing it. They have their own opinions.

Now, if a thousand people get on here and say "They're not reliable, this breaks or that breaks," well that's totally different. It could sound like a million bucks but if it's gonna fart out on ya after a month or two, that isn't cool.