I have a Laney VC15 and i was experimenting with pedals by putting them into the FX loop, once i was done and i turned it off. Along with the normal popping noise another noise came out, and it sounded as if something was wrong.

I'll be able to get a recording of the noise soon, but does anyoneknow if i should take pedals out of the FX loop before i turn it off? Also, does anyone know how to get rid of the massive volume drop?

Cheers, Tom
When does the volume drop? When you kick the pedals on? If so, that's a matter of setting the volume or gain levels on your pedals when you kick them on or off.

If your effects loop has some kind of level or balance knob, that's the ticket. My amp has a level knob for both the send and return, and it took some tweaking to find the sweet spot where the overall volume sounded right with the effects on or off.
The only pedal i put in was a Delay pedal and the level knob didn't do a thing , and yeah it's when i turn the pedals on. The FX Loop doesn't have a level control either.

a soundclip is on my profile now.