Hi I had an UG account long ago but i forgot the password :|

Anyways, I have been playing electric for hmm ... 3-4 years, for hobby only, and now I finally have the extra bucks to get an acoustic, for mainly strumming, and picking, and maybe fingerstyle later.

I read many posts in here and other acoustic forums and went and tested a few axes out earlier today. It seems that when people say "action is great" on the acoustic, it isnt really that great when comparing to the elecs. Is this normal? or just the shop messed up with the actions? (I tried a few martins, taylors, washburns and one gibson, all actions are kinda high at the 7-9-12 frets. Further, I liked the taylor big baby. It sounds really good, and I have read reviews that commented "action is good" or smthg like that, but to me it is still quite high)

First question : am I just too used to the action on electric? and how low is a good action on acoustic?

Second question : I dont really know too many acoustic songs to test out a guitar, i know a few songs by KT Tunstall and some easy open chords but thats it. Any recommendation of songs with more chords combination/progression that helps to test out an acoustic? (or fun to play)

Third question : for the reduced size of the taylor big baby, as Im always biased towards taylors, Im not sure if my prejudice makes it sound good, or the guitar itself. And, will the reduced size of the big baby hinder the guitar in any way? (like less bassy, but I can live with less loud) or is it solely a matter of size?

Fourth question: any other recommendations you can think of, other than getting the big baby? I have read the <300$ guitar thread.

Thanks for input, long thread, sorry, but i dont really know much about acoustics...
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First of all the action is something that is set by a luthier or guitar tech. It is set to personal preference. I like mine really low and took it to a guitar tech to have it put where I wanted it. If you buy a new guitar from a store make sure they set it up to your satisfaction as part of the sale. Most places will include a year of free set up with the sale.

Now the big baby is not really a great choice. It has a laminate back and sides. Solid wood is preferable. Take a look at:

Blueridge BR-140 or BR-160
Epiphone Masterbilt
Parkwood 310M

The Blueridge is the best of the bunch bar none but they cost a little more or you can find them on e-bay for about the same price as the other two.

All these guitars have solid wood and are in the $500 price range (though the BR-160 would have to be a used one).

If you buy one on line and the action isn't were you want it spend $45 and have it set up to your liking. They also make sure the frets are level etc.

By the way the reduced size of a guitar means less bass.

Mahogany and Rosewood are probably your choice of back and side woods. Mahogany is more balanced than rosewood generally. Rosewood has a bassier sound to it which a lot of people prefer. You can get maple which has virtually no bass.

A spruce top is probably what you would want (especially if you prefer Taylors) because they accent the individual notes. Cedar is warmer but less defining of the individual notes. Most prefer Spruce.

Ignore reviews that reference low or high action as that is set to the individual user and is probably rarely correct on any guitar you purchase. Someone including such in their review is probably not someone you would want as an "expert".

Zager Guitars are also something you may want to consider. They have laminate back and sides however they have had substantial work on them to compensate. The cost on these is now prohibitive when compared with the ones mentioned above.
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Thanks for infomative reply

so basically I have to ask the shop guy to set the action for me, funny that EVERY one of those i tried have HUGH actions...

Im not in USA so ebay wouldnt work too well

I will keep an eye on the Masterbilt and the parkwood (dont think ive seen those in here thought), and of course i will keep looking!

Is there anywhere on the guitar that mention which kind of wood its made of? I couldnt find any tags about wood info either, but then again i can always copy the model number and check...

Edit: how about Epiphone hummingbird? i am not fond of the whole redish look though...heh
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