Whats your ideas and reviews on the awsome RG 7 seven string prestige, Itll cost me 2000 ausie bucks, but i wanna give it a custom paint job any1 know how to go about that with out spending all ya money haha.

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It's pretty much awesome, but might well need a pickup change to make it godly. Best 7 string neck out there if you like them thin.
As for a custom paint job you will need to get in touch with someone who specialises in paint jobs, or you could attempt it yourself. But the RG1527 is a really cool guitar, plays really nice.
They really astonishing guitars for the money.
Ill highlight pros and cons of it all..as nothing in the world is perfect..no matter how you try.

Edge pro bridge is stable and heavy..adds loads to the sustain, stays in tune very very very well and is easy to use and maintain.
The cosmo finish on them DOES wear quick, but then again..i can kill a set on strings in a day or two with my perspiration.
Just wipe down the bridge and strings when your done and this will be okay

The finish..well.
I own the royal blue and its deep, dark blue that looks black in some lights..and blue in others. It has a slight pearlescence to the paint..and reflects light beautifully.
Downpoint? its very thin and tends to chip. Ibanez did this in respose to the old method of plastering guitars in the finish and people claiming it didnt let hte guitars tone breathe..bull ****.

Deep, angry beast. Really roars when you put heavier strings on it..but the pickups arent great stock. The neck pickup is okay, and others can be useable if you know how to mod them well..but otherwise..ditch them for some dimarzios and you really have great tone.

I could stop there..wow.
Ive only ever played one guitar that matches up to mine..and thats a j custom.
Ive played caparison, schecters, jackson..everything and this kills them all with a good setup. Learn how to setup a floyd, how to get your medium between trem play and action, and what string gauges you like and this will NOT dissapoint.

Simply, a gorgeous guitar for the money..as all the high end ibanez 7 strings..and only out done by j customs IMO.
Sure, there are downfalls..but theyre minor.

some pics:

in the next one. you can see the fret ends arent there to feel..fantastic feature IMO.

Quote by Dreametal
Whats your ideas and reviews on the awsome RG 7 seven string prestige.

"awesome"? sounds like your mind is already made up.

I don't play 7 string guitars. but I have a 6 string prestige and love it. just make sure you like the Wizard II necks. they're so thin, they aren't for everyone.
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