Before i start i presume there is a hundred questions regarding action and set up problems but stay with me.
After changing the factory supplied gauge 9 strings to 11's I recently started to "mess about" with the set up of my new deluxe squire, the truss rod and action etc.
I checked on the net for set up instructions and away i went. I got what i thought seemed right but it doesn't seem right when i play it. For a start, when i bend the G string it seems to roll up and over the the D string. Now i'm not sure if this is the changes i have made or not as my finger tips have recently become really smooth and hard so i'm not sure if it could be that.
The drums are my first instrument and although i have always played the guitar to some extent it has mainly been the acoustic so the whole set up is a bit daunting.
My first thought was that i had lowered the strings too much but i really think they still have a way to go before that becomes the case although some of the strings do sound a bit "dead" when i play up the neck.
I then thought maybe i overtightened the truss rod but again it seems fine to the set up instructions (place a business card under the string at the 8th fret while you hold the first and last fret down etc). I presume the by "business card" they mean a paper business card and not some sort of plastic credit card!
In general it seems less pleasant to play at the minute. You know when you think "why didn't i just leave it alone" ..... but, i'm inquisitive.

Thanks for any help.