We just finished recording our new song called Running To The Shelter.
It's kinda metal-ish, and it has very little in common with our other songs, it was kinda of a experiment, now I need to know either we keep this style or get back to our punk roots.

Feedback very welcome !


Or you check out our website:

If you see a poor child, don't give a fish, give him a guitar.
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First, the ugly... A couple of timing issues as I hear it, it seemed rather uncomfortable at points. Rather lacklustre guitar tone.

That said, I really rather like your vocalist. Given proper recording equipment and a bit more practice you have the makings of something great here. Very energetic and catchy. Good work

Also, thanks for your crit.
Thanks for the crit! Here I go...

When recording I always recommend using a click track to avoid timing fluctuations which are pretty common in this song. Also the guitar is either out tune or your palm is leaning on the bridge certain times making it a few cents off.

I was a big fan of Nirvana back in the day and this kind of reminds me them...in a good way. I really think a good polished recording would do you guys a lot of good. Even through the negative things I mentioned I can see you guys have truckloads of potential so keep it up!
Thanks everybody !
I know the guitar tone is awful I use a sucky behringer amp, but I plan on upgrading my gear soon.
The timing problems are mostly because we recorded each instrument individually and it's kinda hard for me to stay at the right timing.
Boucho you were right, I mixed the track again and reuploaded.
If you see a poor child, don't give a fish, give him a guitar.
It's off time in some parts, so you should probably practice a little more. I really like how timing is incorporated with drums and vocals in here though! You might make the vocals a bit louder and the guitar a little lower in level. And I can't really hear any bass in there, the recording seems kind of thin. It just needs more practice! Good song though!

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Thanks !

We just finished recording the bass part but I need some help.
Did it got better or worse ? Is the volume too low or too high ?
If you see a poor child, don't give a fish, give him a guitar.
right, not a bad base to start things off on. I like the riff, kinda spanishy (sorry i know your portugese). Guitar tone is not good but we know that. Singer is really quite good actually. Not bad at all, get a click track and sort out the messy tone. And you could have a really good song. To answer your question guitar needs to be turned down. Bass a little up. Vocals maybe a tad louder but they seem ok.

Sort these things out and it could be great.

crit mine?

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Thanks mate !
It's the first time someone tells me the riff is spanishy lol
I'm going to buy a new amp very soon (a decent one) so I'll probably rerecord the guitar track.

btw I'm still accepting criticism
If you see a poor child, don't give a fish, give him a guitar.