How good/bad is this amp please?

and no i'm not going to buy one or thinking of buying one i was just wondering
I just played the DSL50 with my band. I love it. Doesn't sound amazing on its own, but it really cuts through the mix and sounds great backed up with other instruments.

Alot of people will tell you to get a JCM800 instead. It won't do the more modern stuff on its own, you'd need pedals for that, but the 2000 will. I'm still trying to figure out how to modern up the 800's tone. But if you can figure it out, it might be a better bet than the 2000.
Get a JCM900.

the DSL has a lot of SS components in the circutry so it isn't as tube-like quality as it could have been.

the JCM900 is a moderner voiced JCM800. And is highly supirior than the DSL