I've always wanted to put on my own show. Just have a good sized setlist, and invite some other local bands. But how do advertise this sort of thing? And what's the best sort of place to do it?
I would put out some flyers for it. At Guitar Center, I have seen other bands in my area do that and leave em there for ppl to pick up. If you guys have a myspace, which i think you should, you should put something about it on there. Maybe send some e-mails with your flyer in it, kinda as an advertisement.
well first where r u located cuz my band is looking for stuff like this to play.

I would first just call up some other local bands and see if they can book a place to play and then just spread the news through word of mouth. or make it an event on Facebook.
i think a pub would be a good place to start with this sort of thing... you have to book the venue first and then get the word out as soon as possible
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well, believe it or not, I live in Saudi Arabia. I live on an American compound. And in Saudi, alcohol is illegal, so there are no bars or pubs. I can reserve a building pretty easily, and for free.
Flyers everywhere, go to a mall or a crowded place and hand them out. Give the other bands flyers to hand out too, and offer them a little bit of cash for every person they bring.