whats up guys, i got an epiphone sg (g-400) was made in 96, when i got it it was pretty bad so i replaced all the screws because they were rusted, got a set up done, threw on some sperzel lockig tuners, and replaced the knobs (not the pots just plastic knobs)

I want to get all new electronics minus pickups i have about 75 bucks heres what i want

4 pots 2 vol 2 tone 20$
3 way selector 17$
output jack 5$
new wiring 20$
setup 31$

my local store gave me the prices

is this a rip off? it seems kinda expensive
not really. i know that if you want to get EMGs on your guitar it'll be around $200
and guitar stuff adds up pretty quickly
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just watch some videos on youtube on how to solder, buy a soldering iron and do it yourself. its a good learning experience and it will save you money.