guys, could you help me out? i still plan to change my pickups. i'm not satisfied with the INF pickups. i'm thinking of getting either dimarzios or seymours cause those are the only ones available here in the philippines.

i play some jazz, blues, cleans, rock, and alternative so i need a versatile pickup.

what do you think of these combinations? my guitar is an ibanez RG321MH with solid mahogany body.

1. seymour duncan 59 (neck) and custom 5 (bridge)
2. seymour duncan 59 (neck) and JB(bridge)
3. dimarzio paf pro (neck) and steve's special (bridge)
4. dimarzio breeds (neck and bridge)
5. dimarzio air norton (neck) and super distortion (bridge)

any recommendation aside from these ^ are welcomed. thanks.
I think a Duncan Jazz and a Distortion would be good. Maybe a '59 and an Evo would be good, too.
I'd go for the first one, a bit more versatile.
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i listened to the samples in the website. i think the custom 5 is a bit bassy compared to the JB which is bright. any review on the JB?