to learning new things on guitar.
i was thinking of learning scales and working on my barre chords, and then maybe try to strengthen my power chords. i want to put off music theory until the begining of may, because im going on a cruise and going to spend alot of time relaxing, so i figured id pick up a good book on music theory a few days before and read that while on my cruise.
what are some other good things to learn? i also for some odd reason have trouble with indiviaul notes. i know the notes them selves, like where to put my finger, but i cant read the actual note and reconize it. also what are some good easy solos and riffs to learn? thanks!
The part that you can't read and recognise the notes is part of music theroy - presuming you are looking at stuff in the trebble/bass cleffs.


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Californication by RHCP is a good easy solo to learn.

Sweet Child of mine is a good easy riff aswell