There is a made in japan jazz bass on ebay. Dinged up in a few places, holes where a thumb rest and pickup cover were. Im not really in the market for buying a new bass but ive been wanting a jazz and the color of it is beautiful. Im skeptic about buying big things on ebay. P034228 is the serial number, can anybody tell me any info about it? Would this be a good buy over a cab? My birthday is coming up soon and I am probably going to get a head or cab then but this bass is a sort of buy it now or never type of thing.
It's really up to you. It's just GAS that's telling you to get that jazz, so you don' really need it. Your not really in the market for a bass are you after getting the P special? Is the cab your talking about a second cab to go with your half stack? If you've been wanting a jazz for ages though and you don't really need the extra wattage the second cab will bring then by all means get it.


if you do get the jazz you know the rule, pics or it didn't happen!
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Jazzy is right. you have a good bass already. it's most likely better than the MIJ your looking at. so i agree with Bales. look into a new amp rig. cool basses are great, but only if you have a good amp to play them through.
sounds to me that you want that bass
you should fo for it
then the new amp
you can get the amp later
but the bass who knows
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Im going to watch it a few days and when the last day of the auction comes ill decide. Ive been GASing BAD for a new amp so if I get this it will hold me off for awhile. Im trying hard to wait till just to get a new amp because im going to summer namm so Ill have a good chance to try out some stuff. here is a picture of it btw

Ok ive changed my mind, im going to buy it tomorrow. I will post pics when I get it and clean it up. Im pretty excited for this bass, ive been GASing for a jazz. Actually ive really just been GASing for a good slap bass. I love my both my p basses but I want a jazz slap sound. I can always get a new amp, I have many years of playing to come but this MIJ jazz is a now or never thing. I trust my instinct lol.
I really wouldn't say an MIJ Jazz is a now or never thing, if it was a used Wal then maybe, but MIJ Jazz basses pop up used all the time on ebay, and you can just as easily buy them new.

How much are you paying for this bass?
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That seems to be around average price for an MIJ Jazz, you can buy them new for not much more I think.

I'm not going to tell you not to buy this bass, I think that you will have plenty of other opportunities to own a Jazz bass (and most probably a better one) and that you should concentrate on getting a better amp at the moment. I'd say you'd get a better slap sound out of your P-Bass and a new amp, than buying a Jazz and using your Crate.

Your choice though obviously, either way, you'll get something good.
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Ill only have the crate for a few more months. The thing that really attracts me to this bass is the color. Thinking about it more I think im going to go with getting an amp first. Ive played my friends MIA jazz through my crate and I cant say I enjoyed the sound. Thank you indie, you made me think a little more about it lol.