My friend has one of these amps, his grandad gave it to him a while back, he was told it was bought in the 60s but research has shown it was from the mid 80s to the early 90s.

Anyway he wants some information on this amp, all he (and I) can find are schematics and very basic info.
He also wants to know what it'll sell for, here are soem pics

It's a basic 110 practice combo, by the looks of it. Marshall solid state amps don't keep their value, but it's a nice thing to have. More importantly, how does it sound?
No idea on how it sounds or anything, he wants to know how it'll sell and stuff, he's very much a hobby bassist, so he isn't big on tone, just playing.

And I assumed it was your average, practice amp.
Model 5502 Bass Amp:
Solidstate bass combo, 20 watts, 1x10" Celestion.
$175 - $225

that is a collectors price. as a bass player,
it's worth about $50 to $75 tops.
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