john frusciante's house burned down while he was strung out on heroin and not playing with the red hot chili peppers.

he lost his vintage guitar collection in the fire

im just curious as to what guitars he lost in the fire, like the model and the year


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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Take this to the John Frusciante thread in the Modern Rock Forum. The guys there know everything
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I never heard about this. What happened? I'm assuming he lost all of them. Or sold all of them. For a while he didn't play guitar at all so I doubt he had anything left except for a strap, some needles, and some dope.
he sold most of his guitars for drug money if i'm not wrong...
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^Yeah, I thought so too. What a shame Oh well, he has enough guitars as it is now.
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A Jag, an Ibanez RG and 2 Strats. He lost more but they're the only ones I remember. His new collection is much nicer anyway.
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