Second song I've ever written. Did this in like 10 minutes just now, just wanted some feedback.

I can't see into your mind
The more I see the less I like
And it helped reveal
your evil mind

You can't see the end
Heading towards your ev-il ways
And its the on-ly way
I can see

And now its at the end
Your wishing I was there
Now your ev-il ways
Have come back to you
Save us from this fate
That we knew so long

Sacrifice yourself
I'll take whats left
I'll try to find
The good in your mind
And turn it into me
As it would be
You take the soul right out of me

Your still here inside
Were my heart used to be
You know what you've done
All the things that I can't see
Its the best thing thats happ-ened to me
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