I don't even have a pedal yet, and i, obviously, don't know much about them.

So all i know is i want a pedal with a lot of distortion, but i don't want anything crazy like some death metal heavy crazy stuff like Cradle of Filth or something , i just want a lot of good distortion.

Any recomendations???

I forgot to mention i'm getting a new amp, i'm gonna be getting a Marshall DSL50, so just ignore the Spider III, please. [my bad]

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Your Spider should have more than enough gain on tap. Most modeling amps do not take distortion pedals all that well, including your Spider.
well you have a line 6 spider so getting a distortion may be kinda redundant. Try looking for amps first.
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I'd recommend a different amp, then a Fuzz Box or Big Muff. Those are more like a soft distortion, where the pedal doesn't drown out the distinct tone of your guitar.
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i would check out the visual sound jekyll and hyde distortion, its got that whole distortion/overdrive thing so you get a lot of range, everything from really heavy distortion to really light crunch. everyones saying use your spider, which is good for now but i can see you probably want to upgrade that soon so get a distortion pedal when you get the amp

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