I'm almost sure I'm gonna buy a Esp Eclipse, but I saw that they had a Yamaha that I really like in the store, the SBG1000 or 2000 it was. How good is this guitar compared to the Eclipse do you think? I think they're around the same price.

Do you think it's such a big difference between these two guitars that I should definitly get one over the other? (Shouldn't be.) Anyone who have or have tried on of these, I would like to here your point of view.
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All the experience I've had with Yamaha is their acoustics. My dad bought a G-130A off a friend for $40, 42 years ago. And it still plays great.

I dunno about their electrics though.
I'd go for the eclipse.
high end yamaha electrics ROCK. i got some vintage sg1200's from ebay from sometime around the 70's, and a semi-hollow 335 copy that is my baby, i never let it go!
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higher end Yamahas are gonna be good guitars, I know for a fact Sammy Hagar uses them I'm sure there's others too, just go with the one you like the best
i know the low low end end yamaha's are awesome value.
pacifica's 'n stuff.
they are quality guitars.
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My friend has a low end Yamaha electric (the EG 112 or something), which is one of their lowest end ones.
You know, has a nice basswood body, holds a tune well, graphite nut, and it has a very comfy neck. Little chunky and stiff feeling, but good for the price he got it for (it came in a player pack for like 250 bucks)
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Ok, that sounds good, I'm gonna try one in the store soon.
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I've never heard anything bad about Yamaha guitars. All I hear is that they're great value for your money.
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Yeah, I've played low end Yamahas and they're a LOT lot better than some of the similar guitars in the pricerange.