All i have is the chorus, but I thought i'd share it anyway

As he puts the barrier all around him
and shuts everything out from his head
He tells himself he can't deal with it
And he goes on: remembering all that was said
Now one day the barrier will break
and he'll let people in
But until that one momentous day comes
He can't let the past happen again
I'll rock til' I die
And I'll play for all time
Well, "barrier" is an awkward word to use. I'd sooner say wall, or even fence.
I'd also take out "all that" in Line 4 and replace it with "what."
Also, momentous is too cumbersome a word, and you don't really need it. I'd just take it out.

It's not too bad, though. Work on the rest of the song.

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The medium is the message!