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Over steepled fingers
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Over steepled fingers

This room has gray walls
completely laid bare,
one large window
and a back turned chair

The chair swivels;
the cold air freezes
as a man in a suit
steeples his fingers

He leans forward on the desk
and rests his arms
the visitor is impaled
with calculated calm

“You've come to make a deal?”
the sitting man asks.
“It was you who called.”
the standing gasps.

A smile was drawn,
on you know whose lips
As the sitting lent back
and the standing winced

“If you know what's good for you...”
the smile replied,
“You'll think for a second
about what is implied.”

the conversation went on;
one man held his stare
the other grew petrified
with ascending fear

When he was scared to the point,
where it could be no worse
the suit and the smile
laughed without mirth

“Tell your family, friends, and your world goodbye;
This deal we struck, means eye for an eye.”

The standing left, the sitting remained
swiveled his chair and smiled again.


We rode bicycles over a mountainside made of cheap street crack and wine.
‘Michelangelo,’ she said. ‘these walls ain’t even half as tall as what we thought they
were. Look, you can see all of the sky tonight. Oh, you can see all of the sky!’
She asked for a statue, and I etched her out a marble portrait of the moon.
‘Baby,’ she spoke. ‘the moon?’
‘Without the sun to light it up, it’s just another rock.’
‘Let’s go.’ She sung.
We found shovels in our empty garden bed, and dug until we hit water.
‘We’re stuck,’ I cried. ‘we’re really fucking stuck.’
‘Close your eyes, we’re in a ship. Okay? And we’re sailing through a stream of
cement and bricks, and we’re not stuck, okay? Just close your eyes and paddle, like this.’
I cupped a hand against the sunlight. Her eyes were mirrors in a morning so bright.
There were birds dancing like kites strung up for a day parade,
And there were old trees and soft hills and low rolling meadows,
And for a moment the sun swung behind a cloud.
‘The moon never looked so alight.’
As she laughed I placed a frame around her neck and made her a masterpiece.

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You're just another brick in the wall