So I am just getting back to guitar, kinda feel like ditching the whole heavy metal thing, and going a different way.

I used to be pretty intermediate, playing killswitch engage songs and such, but I am getting back, and now self taught, so I need an idea of were to get started.

I'm hoping to get good enough to be able to improvise and such, but that might take awhile, and some practice.

So basically, I was wondering what songs I should try to be learning if I am getting back into the alternative, rock, just stuff besides metal...Maybe some bands to name that I am more getting into; Nirvana, Greenday (OLDER STUFF, lol), RHCP, RATM, audioslave, and much more.

I am self taught now, so I dont really know if I should just try to learn some songs, or are there techniques i should be learning online somewhere that could help me alot...not sure.

how about you get tabs for Is it Progression If A Cannibal Uses a Fork by Chiodos
because there are only 2 and none of them are for the whole song...
...and i fail at figuring out songs without tabs
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Sure, i'll do that.

Maybe there are tabs in a chiodos tab book or something?

only song I would learn of theres is baby acoustic, but i dont need those tabs right now.