maybe a compression pedal to keep everything the same but just boost volume or i would go with a ts9 ive heard good things and i love my friends
EHX LPB-1? I love mine.
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I have a EHX LPB-1 a Bad Monkey and a Maxon OD-9. Out of those I recommend the Maxon OD-9.
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Gain boost, I won't want to touch my cleans with anything except for the reverb on the amp, I love my cleans toomuch

then i would go ts9
or a ts7 would be sweet too
A TS7, then mod it.
Or, just typical TS9.
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I've got a BBE Green Screamer and I'm reasonably happy with it. The price was right (less than $100).
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How are you with a soldering iron? You can build a EHX LPB-1, Zvex SHO/Super Duper, or a Rangemaster for about $10 in parts. Otherwise, I'd recommend the Bad Monkey. Terrific little pedal.
Maxon OD808 is my pick, played it once and I really loved it. If not, the OD9. They made the Tube screamer pedals for Ibanez before they became their own brand, so definantly check those out.