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crate flexwave
2 22%
crate vtx
7 78%
Voters: 9.
which amps do u think would be better for someone playing 80s hair metal/heavy classical stuff like trans-siberian orchestra...
playing through a lp with gibson 57 classics and a burstbucker pro

here are the 2 amps i have my eye one i can get a vtx for 320 right now...ummm yea

here is the vtx

here is the flexwave
I have the VTX in 2x12 combo form and I love it. It's easily one of the best sounding solid state amps I've ever played through. It should work fine for what you want. I've never played through the flexwave though.
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I'd go with the flexwave, for a amp with no tubes, its got a really nice sound to it.

But I wouldent get the maching cab, sounded thin to me.

so any ideas for a cab then?
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any ways, you have come to the choice of the VTX!!!!!!!