what is a good set of strings for drop D, Db, and C tuning? the 10-42 sets are too 'floppy' so im lookin for a new preference

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I use 11's and those seem to work pretty well, probably, in my opinion, the best all-around string guage. My personal preference is D'Addario, but lately I've been using Ernie Ball strings, and those are great because they keep their playablility even in dropped tunings.

Thats my experience anyway.
Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom. I used to keep them in C standard and now have them in Open C half a step down, and no floppiness at all.
.11's will do drop-D, but I'd use .12's for anything like C# standard (Db as you have written) or lower.
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12's will definately get you string tightness on those lower tunings.

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trust me. the ernie ball slinky top heavy bottom .10-.52s are the best.

you can solo all you want with the top 3 and it won't cut you up like piano wire but the bottom won't go floppy at all
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