Wow, really impressive work. Loving the build up of tension in the intro. Great guitar sound and recording quality, too. Like you said, vox would be great.

As far as the mix goes, it sounds perfect. Bass is audible under the guitars, drums ring out clearly, guitars fit in their place well.

Aside from the addition of vocals, I'd say a little lead work wouldn't go amiss. As it is now, the formulaic structure doesn't offer much. It needs more momentum after the fist verse or so.

And thanks for the crit on mine
i like to crit as i listen, so hear goes. Ok sounds good to start off with, im trying to think of something productive to say regarding the intro but it sounds great to me. Distorted guitar sound is nice but the riff is a little unimaginative. The cleaner guitars sound a bit placebo-y infact everything aside the distorted riff sounds like placebo-not a bad thing at all. Production sounds great, sounds very very good. Are they live drums i take it?-No infact, theyre not i can tell.......just. Bt they sound great anyway. Ok second guitar riff after quiet bit seems to go out of time, i dont like that bit i will be honest. Ok heres how i see it, the idea you have with the cleaner guitars is really cool and very original but the distorted bits are just nothing special, theyre not bad riffs, just i feel with a really different style verse the chorus needs to have something on par with it. I alsol think that this definatly needs vocals.

Keep me posted, as i do really like this.


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wow very different i love it, seems very grungy to me, very cool riff at around 2 30, the song itself is very simple but i think tahts what makes it so cool, id love to hear vocals on this song it would really put the final touches on it, but the only thing i can think of is that the drums seem a little too reverby to me, otherwise very nice song

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The verses reminds me too much of Would by Aic.

Other than those the other riffs are pretty cool. Would shine with vocals!
Wow, that was f#$king good. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of that.

It seriously reminded me of Pillar in some parts... and then the Deftones in others.

I was grooving so hard I started dreaming up lyrics to it. This is a really great tune, and I'm sure it will be stuck in my head for bit.

Edit: You already critted my last upload.
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