Ive been playing guitar for like 6 years+ years and I just hate soloing. Its not because I cant, because I know how, but I just like playing rhythm more. Think about it like this: Say you go see a metal band and everyones good except for the lead guy. The band is still good, but the dude responsible for soloing is crap. However if the rhythm guy is bad, then the whole band is band is bad. I think its more important to be a superior rhythm player. I never get bored playing my fast riffs with and heavy downpicking. What are your guys' opinions on this matter.

By the way I play various assortments of metal (thrash, speed etc) with progressive elements. I despise hardcore bands that have 4 breakdowns in a song and only play 3 chords the entire time.
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Im a lead player but I love rhythm more. Is more fun i guess. The only reason I always end up playing lead, is because few people can sweep pick. Being an all lead player however, my downpicking is weak, so I use palm muting economy/alternate picking instead. It took me like over a month of practice to match he down picking tone this way.
I prefer rhythm just cause I hate soloing and it seems to flashy to me plus rhythm is more important than solos.

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I play lead and though we get all the attention we would be bland sounding with out a decent rhythm guitarist in the mix. You guys keep us in time and set the feel of the song. Lead is just the iceing on the cake. Rhythm is the chocolaty(or vanilla) goodness on the inside.
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both is equally important to me.
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I do both, but I am in my place when I play rhythm. Soloing fees awkward, unless it's some Satch/vai/Petrucci stuff. But When I try to play something that has two guitarists like MEgadeth/metallica I stick to the trusty downpicking and heavy riffing
I'm a steadfast upholder of lead playing; because it's becoming all too common nowadays for players to say "Oh, I prefer rhythm..." and completely neglect the face melting solos. I will champion the guitar solo through the gates of hell. I may not be the greatest lead guitarist, but I'm probably one of the most stubborn

That said, rhythm playing is much more important to a band's performance. A bad rhythm section lets the whole and down, whereas a crappy solo here and there is easier to ignore.
Idk i like both. That's what shred riffing is for. it's those little sixteenth note runs in riffs that make the song.
Im with you. I can do some solos but Im not interested in them that much. I have a lot more fun playing the chords. Playing a nice rhythm of power chords to me sounds way better than just shredding and playing as fast as you can
*note: i dont only play power chords*
Ive always been a more of a behind the shadows person, holding it down on rhythm and keeping the audience dancing
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Both are imperative for an 'Epic Win'.



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I like rhythm better... I can come up with decent progressions but cant improvise a solo to save my life
Being able to play both can help you in the long run. You need good rhythm to play a good lead line, and you can add lead playing to your rhythm (eg briefly moving up and hitting chord extensions like the 9th, 11th, or 13th) and you can add your rhythm playing to your leads (chord melodies, outlining the chord).

I find the more I play one the better I get at both.