Hey dudes,its been a long time since i posted something, ive been working a lot so today i decided to record something, one of my favorites songs EVER, if not my favorite:


I tried to do the "guitar vocals" thing but didnt work here, so if ANYBODY wants to record vocals PLEASE DO IT!!!

Tell me what you think

Well, the solo is the best guitar piece of that song and you did it spot on. Seriously, everything was great about the entire song too. Your own solo with the wah was really good. 10/10. How did you record this, it's really great tone.
I have been listening to your recordings since 2006 and I must say there are very few covers that I dislike (I can only think of one^^). Great sound accurate playing as always.

Can you tell me what device, software you use to record? I am using audacity since the first day I started recording and an external micro. The sound you are getting is really at the quality level of a studio imo =).

What programms do you use to creat your drum lines? I am using fruit loops but I dont get very good lins out of it.
awesome, but the board needs to be blended a bit more, you know what i'm saying? great though, 10/10
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Oh, DON'T use a knife. It cuts through your strings. I did that once, thinking, its the Low E, its invincible. Turns out, its not...

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