With a bit of modifying, it is. TBH though, you;'d be better off grabbing a bigsby or even a Kahler if locking trems are more your thing, as all the routing needed for a strat trem would take a LOT of hacking...
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in a word...


there'd be at least 2 holes left anyway and it'd require a lot of routing,

what you want is a stetsbar
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you can't use a whammy bar with a tune o matic bridge and theres no spot to put the whammy bar
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A strat wammy will probably sit to low to work. And would require cutting up the guitar. You could probably just buy a guitar with a wammy for the cost of putting one in a LP.
Alex Lifeson, from Rush has a locking trem on his les paul. I don't know if it's a floyd rose or not, nor do i know what went in to installing it. I do know that the cost of such an install/ hack job wouldn't have been and issue for alex lol.