Hey i just used the material used in drop style ceiling and duck tape to close the open back in my peavey xxx 212 combo and am liking how it sounds better now. Do i need to worry about this causing heating problems in the amp?
Also if i were to retube it with the same type 6l6's in it just a different brand how do i go about doing it?
Well there isn't really any other heat vents other than the back is there? It shouldn't cause a problem unless maybe its all the way cranked. And the retube it you gotta take off that little metal cage in the back to get to the power tubes. A different brand shouldn't be much different you just might have to get it rebiased. And I have el34's in my triple xxx cause the previous owner had it that way and it gives great clean, but I might switch to 6l6's cause the distortion tone is a little too middy.
Thx for the fast reply.
I've heard the that peavey xxx's have a switch to pick between 6l6's or el34's but mine does'nt have one. Do you think it would be safe to change to el34's anyway and get it rebiased?
There's no switch on urs? On mine there's a little switch that switches the bias from el34 to 6l6's. Do you have a manual for urs? i think someone could rebias it to get el34's in there, but the people that kno more about that are in the 'all you want to know about tubes' sticky.

Oh yeah btw, how do you like making it like closed back?
I bought the amp used with no manual but i might try taking it to my local music store and seeing what they can do.
I've only used it as a closed back for a few hours but so far i think it sounds better. The bass is lot tighter and it now has a really punchy sound to it.
you will have problems with the tubes rattling at high volumes with a close backed combo amp. Also you should cut slits near where the tubes and output transformer are too help keep it from overheating.
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