Hi ,

I have been looking around to buy some recording equipment.
But everywhere I go people keep asking me what I want,
if its only a MIDI interface that I want or if its something that
has both a MIDI and audio interface. One guy even told me that if I have a
MIDI keyboard then I'm probably gonna need something with both MIDI and audio
.I'm confused, I thought MIDI was just the interface used to connect instruments to
you computer, how is a MIDI keyboard different from a normal keyboard ?
Erm it has MIDI inputs, my one is only like 3 octaves, normal keyboards dont have MIDI inputs
MIDI is just electronic signals in which hardware communicates. A MIDI keyboard attached to your computer is just a controller and each key is programmed to a note on your computer.

The NOTES however, is synth, a computerised sound.

A normal keyboard you'd buy from like Argos (for example, because you can't get anything more basic than that) would have a little computer in it I'm guessing that would decode all the midi and produce the synth sound.

With programs like EZDrummer, you use MIDI to program a sequence in which it loads sounds to make it as realistic as possible.