Just got finished with this one, and I think it turned out really good. I've finally ditched the hydrogen drumsequencer for for Beatcraft, so there'll be no techno drums in this one. I redid all my tones too, and I think it turned out much besster for it. Only possible problem could be that at the quiet break in he middle my computer shat itself and theres a little bit of staticy clicking, but it's not too bad. I'll c4c whenever I get the time so long as you post a link in here. Be honest in your reviews, I'd rather know I suck than suck and think I'm awesome.

It's in my UG profile, not the ones in my sig, called "Fire". Near/at the bottom methinks.

EDIT: It's actually the first one... nvm.
not bad at all.

actually, drums sound pretty real for sequencer.

one thing I did notice is that the high-hats are a little high in the verse like parts.

at around 2:45, I think it sound pretty good to pan out the lead and rhythm similar to that of the rest of the song, to me it sounds kind of jumbled...

otherwise, excellent recording quality, provocative drum beat, and a well constructed jam song.

I like it!
good stuff,

crit mine?
Very nice work. Good harmonised riffing, good tone, actually very good drum sound, fairly good mix... I can't find much wrong with it One thing that bugs me is the cymbal sounds panned left right, they stick out and overpower other elements a little. Lower them or pan them more to the middle.

The acoustic breakdown fits great, and I'm a sucker for a good interlude. Nice powerful solo coming out of it, too. Perhaps make the lead work in general a little more shreddy, at times it really feels like you're holding back.

Overall great work. Thanks for your crit on mine, too
Thanks much for the replies, I'm glad you like it.

@epitaph0x, I see what you're saying at 2:45, and I'll agree the transition could have been much better. You should've heard the original recording though... needless to say this is quite an improvement as I completely forgot any sort of EQing on the original.

@Vermintide: Yeah, the cymbal panning bugs me too, but I haven't figured out how to mess with that yet. (Screw manuals!) I think the crash volumes are ok as is, but the hi-hat DEFinetely needs to be lowered a good bit in the mix...

Thanks again though for the crits.