i found two guitar bodies on ebay that im thinking of buying but i want an opinion

1. the first one is an ibanez rg series body. its look nice with no problems and i can get a neck for it if i wait a bit

2. the second is an pan/aria les paul 70's project body what looks good but it has some scratches and a few dings. my main concern is the binding is kind of damaged. is that a problem?

what im looking for in opinion is which one would be more fun and better to do for a project? im planning on stripping the paint on either of them and putting an artistic twist on it. if you can think of any problems with any of this bodies please let me know and mostly i really need to know if the binding on the les paul is going to be a problem and if i can just take away all the paint and redo it all one solid color. thanks
it would be better to see the bodies, then judge
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I'd go with the aria.
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what about the binding? its that a problem? how do you fix a binding? what is a binding anyways?
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ok already did now what aobut the binding problem?

I don't think it'll be a problem, I don't think it would be hard to fix and I don't think it would be a problem if you left it how it was, it's not like it'll effect the way it plays...

oh I just saw that one post, uh...binding is pretty much just decorative strips of stuff on the edge of the guitar, if you want it fixed just take it to a tech it might cost a little bit but that's one option...
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