this dude is right...
the old one(dunno is name...im not from the us so...)thinks that the us are still some bunch of white rich guys that h8 blacks...
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and i used to hump everything in sight and i had fake sex with my styuffed animals and pretended they were the pink power ranger!
Besides ruining Obama's name, the guy is really ignorant.
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Always outnumbered, never outgunned...
That pastor looks white.. but the guy at the end deserves a medal

But Obama's never been told to get back into the kitchen, to be fair. Neither of them are white men and therefore face stereotypes. That's the way it is.
1) It's poorly edited.
2) He's right, Barrack Obama did not come from a wealthy background, sure he's earned his money now (still not anything compared to Mr. Bush) but unlike most other presidents (I am aware of a few exceptions ie. Bill Clinton) he has lived off food stamps at one point and came from a single parent home. You completely ignored the reverend's point
3) He may be half black but if you look at his past he has always rooted himself in African American culture.
4) Ms Rice, s far as I am aware, is not president of the united states.
5) As for your last statement, you ignored his point and rather than rebuke it simply went on a racist tirade rooted in stereotype and ignorance and on top of that you're a poor speaker.
You're as racist as the pastor but at least he can speak.
I would expect better from a five year old.

*reported* take it to the politics thread, we've enough threads on Obama.
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