i know how to change keys from a major key to another major key or minor to minor but how does it work when one wants to change a song from a minor to a major key (say from F major to B minor) do majors become minors and vice versa? or? does anyone know?
Shift all the notes up the certain amount of semitones to get it on the right tonic note, so from F to B you would move all the notes up by 6 semitones. Then change it to a minor key by identifying all the 3rds and 6ths and 7ths, then lowering them all by one semitone. In the end you can check by seeing that all the notes you want to stay in key are in fact in key, so for B minor you would only see "B C# D E F# G A B". It gets even prettier when you start to use different minor scales.

It sounds a mouthful, and it is, so I suggest you seriously study it or just stick with simpler movements.
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Generally, you play a V - I cadence in the first key, then a pivot chord that appears in both keys, then a V - I cadence in the new key to establish the new tonal centre. You may have to extend this a bit, though.

Edit: for example:

F - Bb - C - F - Bb - C - Dm - C - Am -- A - Bm - A - G - F# - Bm.
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^^^that's one of my favorite ways.
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