alright guys i was looking to get a boss os-2 distortion/overdrive pedal and as i dont know anyone personally who has one i figured i'd ask on here. if anyone who has it could tell me if they like/dislike it and why, becuase i have heard mixed reviews and would like a place to settle this.
I have that pedal, it is a really versitile pedal and i can get a whole range of sounds from it.
its a really great pedal I'm actually looking to sell it if you live in England we can disscuss that. if not its a great little pedal and gets any sound from a tube screamer type overdrive boost to a boss blues driver style distortion and then can get a ds-1 and ds-2 type of overdrive and at a push get some good heavier tones if used as a boost.

what would else would you like to know?
thanks for the reply.... yeah i am just glad to hear that it is a good versatile pedal, when i was looking at it i was worried that the sounds wouldn't vary much but, can you blend the overdrive and the distortion? like use them both at the same time? cause that would be cool...
sorry but i dont live in england...canada for me...why are you looking to sell it if it is good?
Im looking to sell it because i never use it, i have a marshall amp and i never use it.
plus i need the money.
If the knob is in the center position on the od/ds controll you get a really nice half way sound that has a really good almost vox ac30 quality to my ears, i enjoyed this pedal but never found a real use for it since getting an amp with distortion im really pleased with.