So i got a new guitar and i need to throw it in a bag of some sort.

Does anyone own or have any ideas about a good bag?

This one doesnt seem too bad and Gator is also the company that i bought for my dad from. Money no object.

get a hard case.. its better in the long run
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Well, i got this sweet Ibanez Destroyer and my dad is all.....get a bag, you dont need a case. To which i was like......wtf? NO! And he talked me into it, but now im having second thoughts. I really want a case though, but they are all discontinued and whatnot. Ill check into other models.

Thank szekelymihai, thats the encouragement i needed
thats no problem but still , remember its going to be heavier to carry.My freind has one and i have a bag, even its nicer(the case) its not so conveninet to take...well on long distances:Por if you have a car
But still dont wanna make you reconsider
Yea im not a noob, i just needed reassurance that buying a case was the smarter thing to do.

Thanks guys!