what is it and where can i find this thing? and how will it sound through a mini amp? last, and is it worth the price?
Probably Blackie or the 00001 strat. But you can't get those.

Maybe one of the first years of the Les Paul....orr.....Zematis makes some expensive stuff.

Edit: It'll sound like ****. No.
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dean make some expensave guitars, gibson les paul's are pricey too. or u could buy kirt cobbains guitar worth 1 million
i dont remember who but someone sold theres for a couple million and donated the money to charity
One of the most expensive mass produced guitars is probably this double neck PRS for $45,000 at a local music store.
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They want $2.8 mil for that fender.... what a rip off.... I swear I saw a squire one just like it for $199 in best buy.... and that one came with an amp and everything...

thats the one i was talking about so many people like les paul slash mick jagger clapton angus and malcolm young + more all sighned it
do you really intend on buying the world's most expensive guitar and play it trough a mini-amp? if so, please seek a psychiatrist immediately for your mental state
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And yeah. Just get a better amp.

whats a GREAT amp for my house...? not a stage? like the bestest one.